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It's in old recording tape, home furnishings, plastic bottles, food packages, electrical insulation, 1970s leisure suits and maybe in your closet. Polyester, a synthetic polymer manufactured in laboratories, has several practical applications in the fabric production world. Special chemical properties give polyester its unique and useful properties.


Fabrics made from polyester are strong, durable and easy to care for. Spill grape juice on a cotton garment and you've got a major cleaning issue, but that problem doesn't exist with polyester because its moisture resistance helps the fabric avoid stains. Quick drying, polyester is easily washable and resistant to mildew, abrasion and most chemicals. Your ironing time diminishes with each polyester fabric you acquire, as polyester does not wrinkle. Because it has a relatively high resistance to light and ultraviolet radiation degradation, polyester is a good material to use in boat covers and fabrics that receive high sun exposure.



sciencing- Properties of Polyester Fabrics By Kevin Lee


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